Reiki Treatment Methods

Reiki energy (also known as spiritual medicine) is an excellent ever-ready tool in the hands of those who have received Reiki attunements. They can use it to heal physical, emotional and mental ailments or use for their spiritual development. There are different ways of using Reiki for different purposes. For physical and mental healing, Reiki may be applied using any of the following methods:

Hands-on Method (Level-1)

It is… ... read more

Reiki Treatment By Hands-on Method – Guidelines

Hands-on treatment is the basic method of giving Reiki treatment, which is taught in the First Degree Reiki course. It means that Reiki treatment is given by placing hands on the body of the recipient. It is done with the recipient lying on a treatment couch/table or bed fully clothed. A regular treatment session usually starts from the head and travels towards the feet by placing hands on different positions… ... read more

Treatment and Prevention of Diseases

Which diseases can be healed by Reiki?

Reiki is a complimentary system, not alternative medicine. In most cases, it should be used to supplement the regular treatment unless there is no choice but to use it alone.

There is no different Reiki for different ailments as in physical medication. When applied, Reiki travels through out the body, through every cell of the body and re-balances the energy. That is… ... read more

Time required to cure a disease

Time required for cure of a disease through any system depends on many factors including but not limited to nature and severity of disease, cause of disease, regularity in treatment, suitability of treatment, patient’s attitude and response etc. These factors are applicable to Reiki treatment as well.

Majority (in Pakistan at least) is either not aware of Reiki or thinks of Reiki treatment after trying out all the other… ... read more

Getting Reiki Treatment

While it is fine to receive Reiki treatment from a practitioner, we strongly recommend that you should consider learning Reiki yourself for easy self-care. Learning will immediately enable you to very conveniently treat yourself at home and thus save not only the trouble of traveling but also on treatment charges. This option is most suited to those who need daily treatment for a long time for a complicated or… ... read more

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