What is Free in this World?

There are several modes of payment. In some cases the price is to be paid on the spot like buying something from the market, in some it is to be paid in advance like doing something good hoping for reward from the Nature, whereas in some case it is to be paid later as in case of doing something wrong. If someone gives something free voluntarily, it is to be paid for in shape of obligation at least. There is no chance of getting anything free, not even when something is stolen or taken away by ... read more

Use the Right Tool

These are various tools that are used for different purposes with some overlap in certain sections. The point to understand is that every tool is not meant for everything. For example, hammer is not used to remove a screw and a screwdriver is not used to chop the vegetables. Similarly a person with a broken limb needs surgery not meditation. This is because every tool has its own functions and method of use ... read more

Importance of Reiki Precepts

All the religions, cultures and societies of the world have at least one thing in common, that is the basic ethics. Dr. Mikao Usui listed out five out of those that he thought the most important ones and called them "Reiki Precepts". He very rightly attached lot of value to them and insisted that everyone must practice them in daily life. Those are basic human values. Reiki precepts also called principles are meant to be made part of life, not to be recited just for academic purposes ... read more

Misconceptions about Reiki Treatment

It is important for the recipient to understand how Reiki treatment is given with hands-on method. It is a simple but powerful process and is usually done with the recipient lying down on a treatment couch or table, fully clothed. If necessary, recipient can also be covered with a sheet of cloth or a blanket during cold weather. No equipment, rubbing, pressing, pulling or massage etc. is involved ... read more

Using Reiki to Cure Depression

Depression is not a viral or bacterial disease. It is a state of mind and may have various causes but generally results from persistent negative thought pattern. It may also be the result of feelings of helplessness after deep disappointment. The cause may be specific to the individual. The person may have lots of justifications for a particular state of mind but the fact remains that treatment of depression needs basic changes in the thought pattern. There are several relaxation techniques, Reiki being one of those ... read more

What is personal development?

Personal development has been defined in various ways as human life has multiple aspects but it is definitely not restricted to career development or financial conditions. Human personality is not to be measured merely by social status or bank account. It encompasses a lot more than this and everyone defines it in his own way.

Happiness lies in success and success lies in developing oneself according to one’s passion… ... read more

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