Reiki for Weight Loss

In terms of Reiki, diseases, abnormalities and dysfunctions of the body organs occur due to imbalance of the life force energy in the body. Such imbalance might be localized or all over. Excessive body weight is also due to imbalance of energy of related organs.

There are countless ways and therapies to lose weight; Reiki therapy is yet another. Reiki is different in a way that it does not… ... read more

Reiki and Animals

God has created Reiki to be equally effective for all the living beings. When plants and animals are given Reiki, they enjoy it, develop better and express the joy in their own way. Since we do not understand their language and feelings, we do not comprehend their reaction instantly but with little deeper thought one can at least guess it. Here is one of my personal experiences.

Reiki and Plants

Whenever someone sends out positive energy and love in any form, it is always reciprocated. When someone opens a door for us, brings us a glass of water, we reciprocate by thanking, which is our general way of responding to that positive energy…in a positive manner of course.

This happens with humans but what if we do some favor to an animal or a plant? Since they are also… ... read more

When Disease is Not Diagnosed

It is not uncommon to come across cases where the person is actually sick and feels horrible but his medical test reports don’t indicate any thing wrong. Apparently every thing is fine but the point is, if it is so why then the person doesn’t feel fine? Mostly, there is no definite answer that medical science can provide except that the person might be sent to the psychiatrist. That makes… ... read more

Self Care with Reiki

Health and sickness are part of life. All of us fall sick at one time or the other and need medical help. Majority however, is not aware that many diseases neither have a known cause nor the cure in modern medical science. It is therefore, not possible to treat every ailment through physical medicines. That is the time when compelling need of a non-physical, non-intrusive and yet effective healing system… ... read more

Reiki and True Healing

In general terms, all of us have two bodies: physical and non-physical. The non-physical body is also called the spiritual body. Soul, mind and vital force are parts of non-physical body. When we carry out any action, we tend to label it under the performance of one of the two bodies and call it either physical exertion or mental exertion but actually they are not independent of each other. If… ... read more

Reiki as Natural Anti-Aging Remedy

Before going to the remedy, let us first look at the phenomenon and understand the process of aging.

Aging and death are two inbuilt phenomenon in every living being and none of the two can be stopped. After birth, the child grows, becomes young, reaches at the peak of his health and then begins to decline. His organs gradually start becoming weaker and slower. That is what aging is… ... read more

Guarantee of Cure

"What is the guarantee that Reiki treatment would cure me of my sickness"? This is a question that I frequently receive through emails, phone calls and letters. Every time it is worded differently but this is what many people ask. In this post I would like to answer this question.

This sort of demand sounds like lack of understanding of basic realities of life. What needs to be clearly… ... read more

Reiju Empowerment

In simple terms, Reiju means “giving and accepting” energy and is synonymous to the term attunement in Reiki.

This was the ritual Dr. Usui used to perform to initiate the student in to Reiki during earlier days of his Reiki teachings. It is also called the traditional way of attunement and was repeated several times for each student. Originally, no symbols were used for attunement but gradually, with increasing… ... read more

Reiki Manifestation Techniques – Achieving Your Goal

Manifestation is a technique used to achieve your goals be it a good job, improvement of business, a car or house of your choice, life partner of your liking, money in abundance, good relationships, treatment of a disease and so forth. There is no limit to what you can manifest but you have to learn the technique to do so.

There are several techniques being used for manifestation; the… ... read more

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