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Trust and Mistrust

There is a saying that “It is good to trust others but is better not to trust”. Someone might have said so under peculiar circumstances with reasons in support but the point is, can it be practiced as it is and applied in all situations and with everyone? I don’t think so.

The element of trust or mistrust is very important in personal relations. Every one of us has family and friends comprising human beings whom we trust. Can we apply the formula quoted above to our family members? Certainly not! The formula would perhaps be more applicable to business matters but that too not across the board. Everyone can neither be trusted blindly nor mistrusted without adequate reasoning. The application must be well thought out or else partnerships might see an end. We come across many situations in our both personal and professional lives where mistrust is indeed not an option. We have to trust and are trusted to get things going. It might not sound important to some but deep down, they too have a relationship of trust that is indispensable to work things out.

Whichever way this formula is understood it cannot be applied everywhere. One needs to be careful because human relations are very delicate and fragile. Baseless mistrust whether in personal relations or business relations can severe the relations and could be an indication of our own hidden weaknesses, some kind of unknown fear or even habitual negative thinking. Sometime people do not openly say so through word of mouth but clearly indicate mistrust through their behavior towards the other person. This should not be done unless the aim is to break the relationship. There can be no friendships without mutual trust. So watch out how you treat others and behave with them.

Practical help to thers is more important than just words of sympathy

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