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Reiki: A Serious Healing Modality

The first thing that needs to be understood is that Reiki is not just energy, but a divine energy. It aims at healing and personal development. It is frequently used to heal ailments, reduce stress level and improve relationships, which definitely is something not to be taken casually. These are serious issues and the quality of life depends on them. It also deepens one’s awareness about life and people sometimes undergo even spiritual experiences with it.

I have come across many people over the past few years, who rather than understanding what it is, how it works and how it can help them, want to learn it to impress their friends as if it were something fashionable. Some of them also take it as a mysterious tool that could enable them to control minds in their circles. Reiki is not meant for such things, entertainment or stage performance. It is a serious healing modality that needs to be taken seriously to be used for serious purposes, not as a tool to show-off.

Reiki is not a pass-time hobby. Before you consider learning it, get more information about it from whatever source you may like including books and Internet. If you feel that it is really something that you can benefit from, learn it and use it for your own good and of people around you not just to impress others.

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