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Nature does Not Discriminate

Nature has its own laws and neither discriminates nor takes dictation from human beings. It follows its own course without discrimination. Whichever way the humans go, Nature doesn’t change its laws, be it reward for something good or punishment for a bad deed. It is tremendously erroneous to believe that people get caught due to mistakes but “I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t make any mistake”. This is what most criminals think but eventually they do get caught and suffer ... read more

Using Reiki symbols for self-treatment

Principally, no symbol is taught in Reiki first degree because it is not required. The emphasis is on self-treatment by hands-on methods on a regular basis. Since no symbol is taught at this level, question of its use does not arise. The confusion probably exists among those who are taught Power symbol in First Degree without adequate explanation and backup knowledge. Every Reiki symbol has a purpose, which must be understood. The use depends on requirement ... read more

Does Reiki affect everyone equally?

All human beings are not alike. Except for the anatomy part, they are all unique and different in every way. Due to many factors, everyone’s body does not accept the energy alike. Therefore, results of Reiki treatment cannot be similar in all cases especially in the same time span. Some will respond earlier than others and their feelings during and after the treatment would also differ. Such difference however, does not mean that Reiki is good for some and bad for others ... read more

Natural Healing

Natural healing is a wide term and can be interpreted according to individual understanding. There are two types of healing systems, one with physical medication and the other with non-physical treatment. Natural healing is generally understood as the one that is done or occurs naturally without using means like physical medicines etc. and includes various systems ... read more

Is Real Happiness Possible?

It is now well known fact that our thoughts create realities for us. What we generate around ourselves depends mainly on how we think, what we speak and how we conduct ourselves. Our attitude and behavior generates vibrations of low or high frequencies that ultimately transform themselves into physical, emotional or mental symptoms and appear as health or disease, calmness or depression, pleasantness or ill temperedness, good or bad relationships, various kinds of troubles and losses or gains and so on. At times overall atmosphere of the society also creates unhappiness but right now we are discussing for what we are responsible directly. ... read more

Trust and Mistrust

Human relations are very delicate and fragile. The element of trust or mistrust is very important in personal relations. Every one of us has family and friends comprising human beings whom we trust. One should never indicate lack of trust on anyone without solid reasons. Even in business matters, everyone can neither be trusted blindly nor mistrusted without adequate reasoning ... read more

The Focus of my Blog

Some one might or might not believe in life hereafter but still cannot deny that no human being lives forever. Even in this world, the system of reward and punishment exists in all the cultures and societies and lot of emphasis is laid on good conduct. It must be remembered that to emphasis the importance of good conduct is not the responsibility of just the religious leaders and teachers; it is the responsibility of all of us. Believing that I too have this responsibility ... read more

Reiki History and Reiki Practice

As long as Mrs. Hawayo Takata was alive, Reiki history narrated by her was taken as true but after she died in 1980, many aspects have been questioned and are still being debated. Such points include the exact date of Dr. Usui’s meditation, whether or not he was a doctor and whether he learned from someone else etc ... read more

Prejudice and Discrimination

Prejudice is like a poison for any community. Be it region, politics or racism, if prejudice and discrimination prevail, one starts to lose the difference between right and wrong or good and bad, visionary approach diminishes, and rather than using the wisdom and doing justice one tends to give priority to emotions and discrimination ... read more

Can I Learn Reiki Myself?

Reiki can be easily and quickly learned from a Reiki teacher but if someone wishes to acquire the ability through personal effort, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The question is that if Dr. Usui could do it himself why others cannot do it. The answer is “surely they can”. Dr. Usui worked for years to find how to do it and finally succeeded. You may do the same ... read more