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Reiki: A Serious Healing Modality

Reiki is not a pass-time hobby. It is a serious healing modality that aims at healing and personal development. It also deepens one’s awareness about life and people sometimes undergo even spiritual experiences with it. It is frequently used to heal ailments, reduce stress level and improve relationships, which definitely is something not to be taken casually ... read more

Friendship and Mutual Respect Vs Prejudice

I visited Louisville KY in last week of August 2015 and met many people at private and public places. Some of them asked questions about Islam, Pakistani culture and customs etc. but without even a trace of prejudice, hatred or suspicion; that was just for information. My religion was not an issue for them and similarly their religion did not bother me. My eating habits were different to theirs but they took special care to avoid what my religion does not allow me to eat or drink ... read more

Likes, Dislikes and Ethics

Everyone around us has his or her own individual thought pattern, which might not always be very palatable for us. It is not mandatory for any of us to agree or disagree with everyone or anyone. People have their own priorities and they work for their cause whatever that might be while we work for ours. In case of disagreement, one need not feel provoked to unleash a stream of unhealthy criticism. Unfortunately, at times people become bitter ... read more

Prayers and Effort

Effort and prayers go side by side. One without the other might be inadequate. So put in your effort and then pray for success. You can also use the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goal, which in fact is another form of prayer but do not overlook the effort. There might be certain matters that need prayer alone but most of the things in our physical lives need conscious effort. Your effort can change your life, if it is in the right direction ... read more

Human Wisdom and Logic

Human wisdom in not unlimited. It works within bounds and tries to create its own logic which is mostly based on information sought through five physical senses. Anything that does not meet the criteria of physical senses needs different kind of perception. There are countless things which are mystery to us even with incredible advancement in scientific knowledge because science believes in proofs, mathematical formulas and laws of physics etc. but does not support matters that do not fall within its range ... read more

Praise and Criticism

It is not uncommon to come across things that we like very much or don’t like at all. It is not about just the material items; it is quite frequent about humans as well. At times we like someone and praise him for something while in some cases it can be totally opposite. When we like something about someone, we appreciate but usually it is quite brief. We just say well-done, great, good job and so on. Be generous in appreciation ... read more

Which is the best car?

There is absolutely no harm in wishing and trying for better. It is quite positive but to feel dissatisfied with what we have is negative. Dissatisfaction with what we have in hand and struggling for something better are two different things with a hairline difference between the two. One should definitely look for better. This is how the progress takes place but dissatisfaction is counter productive. Try and understand the difference ... read more

USA: Discipline and Cleanliness

Recently I visited America for about two weeks (from August 23 to September 09, 2015). That was my first visit to USA. When I came back, many people asked questions. A common question was, “What did I like there”? Apart from what people were interested in knowing, I would like to share my experience on what was the best thing that I noticed ... read more

Can you Deattune me?

A young girl in her mid twenties came to me in November 2013 to learn Reiki first degree. It was a one-on-one training session on her request. The credentials she entered in the training request form showed that she was well educated and had a Master’s degree from a European university. She received training up to Reiki Master 3-A but few weeks later wanted to know if she could be deattuned ... read more