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Does Reiki actually exist?

When we look at something at long distance, it looks smaller than its actual size. It doesn’t mean that, that thing is actually small. You must have countless times seen an airplane flying, the sun, the moon, and many other objects. They are not as small as they appear to us when high up in the air or far away on the land. It is our perception that makes them smaller. Thus our five senses do not always paint the correct picture; they have limitations. When the aircraft is on the ground, you get to know its actual size by getting close to it.

Most of the non-physical energies don’t at all meet the measure of our five senses. That is why we either tend to disbelieve their existence or perceive them different to what they actually are. In certain cases, their perception alone doesn’t help much. It requires experience with those to know their effects and utility. This is the case with Reiki as well. Like most other energies, Reiki energy also doesn’t meet the measure of our five senses but that doesn’t make it non-existent. It is also not as weak as it sounds without using or experiencing it. Those who learn and use it know its actual value.

Reiki could be a mystery to those who have never heard about, learned, used or experienced it but now for a sizable section of the people all over the world it is no longer a mystery. There are many who still don’t believe it whereas world now has millions of Reiki practitioners and the number is increasing every day. This is because Reiki actually exists and is beneficial for all those who use it. People of all ages learn, use and benefit from it. So can you, easily and definitely.

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