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Is receiving Reiki attunements enough?

When we learn to do something, it is only a beginning NOT an end or ultimate. It requires lot of work after learning the basics. For example, one does not become a great painter by just learning to hold the brush. So is the case with Reiki. Just the attunements do not make a person a good Reiki healer. If you have received Reiki attunement, you have only learned to use your healing ability like learning to hold the brush and is not the ultimate ... read more

Reiki Hand Positions

In Reiki First Degree (Level-1) course, the students are taught a certain set of hand positions that might vary from teacher to teacher. It is quite simple without any complications, yet, at times students from other Reiki lineages ask me for clarifications, which should not be required if they are trained properly. The count of hand positions differs with different teachers but is generally between 14 and 18. Whatever be the count of those positions (also called points), it does not really matter much ... read more

Reiki is Simple Healing System

Lot of people all over the world feel impressed by complicated procedures. It is not necessary that if the procedure is complicated or mysterious it would definitely give better results. In fact it is the other way around. If the procedure is complicated, the practitioner is very likely to mix up and make mistakes. Reiki practice is very simple, as simple as you can think of. There are no complications at all ... read more

Becoming a good Reiki healer

Regular use of Reiki cleanses and widens the energy channels, which enables them to carry larger amounts of energy. This is what a Reiki healer should have but it does not automatically come with attunements. One must use the energy or else it would be like buying a medicine but not taking it as advised by the doctor. If do not yet understand what precisely it is, you can still use it successfully and become a good Reiki healer. It is very simple ... read more

Reiki: A Serious Healing Modality

Reiki is not a pass-time hobby. It is a serious healing modality that aims at healing and personal development. It also deepens one’s awareness about life and people sometimes undergo even spiritual experiences with it. It is frequently used to heal ailments, reduce stress level and improve relationships, which definitely is something not to be taken casually ... read more

Can you Deattune me?

A young girl in her mid twenties came to me in November 2013 to learn Reiki first degree. It was a one-on-one training session on her request. The credentials she entered in the training request form showed that she was well educated and had a Master’s degree from a European university. She received training up to Reiki Master 3-A but few weeks later wanted to know if she could be deattuned ... read more

Reiki Classes in Louisville, Kentucky

I visited Louisville, Kentucky USA from August 24, 2015 to September 8, 2015 on invitation from my friend Renate Klein. I had visited several other countries before, however, this was my first visit to the United States of America. Main purpose of the visit was to meet friends but site seeing naturally came in. My friend already knew of my passion in Reiki and that I teach Usui Reiki classes in Pakistan. Taking advantage of the visit, she asked me if I could teach Reiki to a group of friends who were keen to learn. I agreed ... read more

Believing in Reiki

The universe is full of countless energies. Some of those are known but most of them are not. Reiki energy is one of the known energies but is not believed easily. People want scientific proof but they forget the fact that such proof if any, would be presented by others whom they will have to trust and believe their findings. A simpler and definite way is to receive it and feel the results. This can be done either by learning to use Reiki and then applying it or getting few Reiki treatment sessions from a practitioner ... read more

Feeling Spirit Guides

Basic purpose of Reiki is personal development that includes not just the physical side but also the spiritual side but it doesn’t come automatically with attunement; one has to work for it. If a Reiki healer feels the presence of guides, it is perfectly fine but if someone doesn’t, that is fine too. To function at a higher level or use Reiki effectively, it is not necessary to feel or see the guides ... read more

Does Reiki actually exist?

Most of the non-physical energies don’t at all meet the measure of our five senses. That is why we either tend to disbelieve their existence or perceive them different to what they actually are. In certain cases, their perception alone doesn’t help much. It requires experience with those to know their effects and utility. This is the case with Reiki as well. Like most other energies, Reiki energy also doesn’t meet the measure of our five senses but that doesn’t make it non-existent ... read more