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Interdependence and Mutual Help

We are all interdependent. Someone might feel independent of few persons around but factually no human being is or can be totally independent of everyone but at times this fact is forgotten. Some people are overwhelmed by their wealth and the resources and look down upon others. They think that since they have plenty, they do not and would never need anyone’s help and that it is only others who would look up to them. They are either shy of helping others or stop it all together ... read more

Watch Your Words

We use words to express our thoughts and emotions. Every word that we use has a meaning and conveys certain sense. In scientific expressions, mathematical calculations and similar other technical matters, words convey the exact sense because there are no emotions attached to those expressions but in human dealings, it becomes very different. The words are only a tool, not the feelings or emotions by themselves and yet this tool is very powerful ... read more

Use the Right Tool

These are various tools that are used for different purposes with some overlap in certain sections. The point to understand is that every tool is not meant for everything. For example, hammer is not used to remove a screw and a screwdriver is not used to chop the vegetables. Similarly a person with a broken limb needs surgery not meditation. This is because every tool has its own functions and method of use ... read more

What is personal development?

Happiness lies in success and success lies in developing oneself according to one’s passion and priorities. Personal development can be broadly categorized in development of physical health, mental and emotional health, financial health, relationships, education, talents and potential and quality of life in general. I have missed out spiritual development because this is altogether a different field and requires a different mindset and priorities. All aspects of life require different kind of effort while some of them are also interrelated ... read more

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