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Human Wisdom and Logic

Human wisdom in not unlimited. It works within bounds and tries to create its own logic which is mostly based on information sought through five physical senses. Anything that does not meet the criteria of physical senses needs different kind of perception. There are countless things which are mystery to us even with incredible advancement in scientific knowledge because science believes in proofs, mathematical formulas and laws of physics etc. but does not support matters that do not fall within its range ... read more

Ways of Teaching by Nature

Nature has its own ways of teaching us. This article is story of an insect bite and its cure. Around midnight on March 16, 2004 I was reading something on Internet, fully absorbed with one hand on the mouse and eyes focused on the screen when a small insect that looked exactly like a mosquito sat on the back of my right hand and stung me. This incident taught me something special. Had this not happened, I would not have learned what Nature wanted to teach me ... read more

Understand Your Religion

We all need to understand our religion correctly. Remember that anything we do against the will of God is our own responsibility and it is we who will have to face the consequences. So learning and understanding your religion, learning the true and original teachings of whichever religion or faith system you follow is very important. Do not blindly believe what others tell you and don’t be mislead. Try to use your God given wisdom to choose between good and evil and avoid being the slave of your desires or wrong persuasions ... read more

Understanding and Getting Rid of Depression

Depression is said to have many causes including biological and psychological causes, stress, grief and trauma etc. but basically, depression is a state of mind, which can result from many factors of diverse nature. If the mind is left on its own and is allowed to think of failures continuously or at least frequently, it begins to generate negative energy field inside and around the body, which gradually translates itself in to physical symptoms appearing as changes in behavior at first but ultimately affecting the physical health and nearly all systems of the body ... read more

Trust and Mistrust

Human relations are very delicate and fragile. The element of trust or mistrust is very important in personal relations. Every one of us has family and friends comprising human beings whom we trust. One should never indicate lack of trust on anyone without solid reasons. Even in business matters, everyone can neither be trusted blindly nor mistrusted without adequate reasoning ... read more

Survival in Profession

Be it a job or personal business, everyone desires and needs to not only survive but also progress and flourish. Even the professionals and service providers face competition. The question is who survives and moves ahead. What is the formula for success? If you are a professional, running your own business or providing service of some kind, the formula of “efficiency” still applies. You have to be efficient and reliable to float ahead of your competitors. Make efficiency your strength for survival or be prepared ... read more

True Success

Success means different to different persons. Everyone defines it in his/her own way. Some measure it by material gains while some value ethics and dignity more than material gains. There are others who keep the purpose of life in view and spend their life differently. True success is the one that is achieved by working hard within the bounds of ethics and law. Successful life is the one that has honor, dignity and credibility ... read more

Personal Conduct, Fate and Troubles

Many people remain unhappy with many things in their lives and feel that they are in some kind of trouble all the time and wonder who is actually responsible for their troubles. They frequently blame and even curse their relatives, friends, colleagues, circumstances and fate etc. and believe that they are right in what they do but wonder why the troubles still come to them. In most cases they also believe that it is their destiny to stay troubled, which is not true ... read more

Competition and Domination

Common human tendency is to enter in to competition with others and fight for supremacy over them. Competition on the play field is fine but is different to what I intend talking about in this short article. Main objective of competition in practical life is to accumulate wealth, enhance social status and gain power. There are other aspects too but main focus goes to these three things. This struggle and competition goes on and on and never ends because human being does not feel fully satisfied at any stage. The desire for more always stays alive ... read more

Needs and Desires

Basic needs are common to all human beings irrespective of race, color and geographical location etc. Needs always have a limit but desires are endless. None cannot get or achieve everything in lifetime. There is no point in running after things that we don’t genuinely need and making our life miserable by filling it up with tension. There are other things in life that need our tie and attention ... read more

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