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Category Archives: Personal Development

Foggy Future – Achieving Success

Almost every one of us has traveled through fog one time or the other. Here is how it goes. While we are on the road, we can see only limited portion of the road ahead. Nearly similar is the case with future but somewhat different to traveling in fog on a physical road. We know where the physical road leads to but we are not sure of what lies in the future ... read more

Expectations of Others

Most of us worry about what others think of us and try to live up to the expectations of others particularly our boss, parents, spouse, friends and those who matter to us because nearly all of them expect us to act their way. By doing so, we fight a battle against our own selves that goes on and on but is it really required and possible to meet expectations of everyone? ... read more

Memories of Past – Remember Good Things

Every one of us has good and bad memories. How those memories affect us and should be treated has been abundantly explained by scholars in various ways under the famous Law of Attraction. One advice says "remember good things of the past and be proud of those", while another says "forget about the past and move ahead". Both are fine and interwoven. Apparently all the three periods of life sound different but are actually interrelated and cannot be separated. The fact is that we shape our thoughts and our thoughts ... read more

Encouragement Vs Discouragement

Have you ever thought why the spectators buck up their players on the playfield? It is because cheering up creates victorious feelings in the players. The lesson is that if a person is encouraged, his whole thought pattern changes. His talent and performance start shining leading him to victory not just on the playfield but also in the race of life. He is sure to become a victorious. On the other hand if a person is discouraged or rebuked over and over ... read more

Happiness: Socializing vs Solitude

There is no definite rule for socializing or staying in solitude. How much of it should be done varies from person to person depending on life style, requirement of the job or business and several other factors. It is purely a person decision. Cutting out all the links and staying in solitude is a decision not easy to make but probably at some stage of life, one likes to devote more time to his own self ... read more

Glamour Vs Simplicity

Glamour is more attractive than simplicity. Nearly everyone seems drawn to it. People want to look better than others, have everything more than others and live better life than others in general. They want to show others that they are better human beings, which is not always true. Simplicity might be considered troublesome by some but glamour is always more troublesome. To glamorize the lifestyle, one has to look after and manage too many things and thus overburden the nerves while simplicity on the other hand, does not require much to be managed ... read more

Good Personality

Everyone wants not only to be popular, respected and peaceful but also known as trustworthy. The desire if fine but these things do not come automatically. One has to consciously and continuously work for it. I am sure you already know how to go about, yet, just as reminder here are few simple to understand but extremely powerful keys that can earn you the reputation of a good human being ... read more

From Cry to Silence

Birth and death are two ends of life, the two extremes. One end is the beginning and other end is the end. During lifetime, the person strives and struggles to achieve self-decided goals. He looks after his health and does everything within his means to live as long as possible but finally, no matter what he does, one day he reaches the other end of the life, the death, the silence. We all know that one day we will die, everyone does, yet we keep the other end of life at the back of our mind and live as if we will never die ... read more

Likes, Dislikes and Ethics

Everyone around us has his or her own individual thought pattern, which might not always be very palatable for us. It is not mandatory for any of us to agree or disagree with everyone or anyone. People have their own priorities and they work for their cause whatever that might be while we work for ours. In case of disagreement, one need not feel provoked to unleash a stream of unhealthy criticism. Unfortunately, at times people become bitter ... read more

Prayers and Effort

Effort and prayers go side by side. One without the other might be inadequate. So put in your effort and then pray for success. You can also use the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goal, which in fact is another form of prayer but do not overlook the effort. There might be certain matters that need prayer alone but most of the things in our physical lives need conscious effort. Your effort can change your life, if it is in the right direction ... read more