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Human Impatience

Human being is very impatient by nature. He wants quick results for everything and while doing so, very frequently ignores the realities and the laws of nature. Rather than being patient, he strives to pursue the wrong line to achieve the results over-night and thus multiplies his anxiety… ... read more

Internet Ethics – Part 2

Copying material from others’ websites without their permission is quite common all over the world. I have written on this topic earlier. There are lots of people who find it very easy to steal the work of others (with the help of webmasters) and try to show the world that they have written something great. This is highly immoral, intellectual dishonesty and is called theft in plain language. It is said that "locks are for the commoners, not for thieves". I agree with it because those with good moral values don’t steal but thieves don’t care for morals. Is having a website so important that one could stoop down so low? ... read more

Be Happy and Positive

This is quite a common advice that many people give to others. It sounds very nice but is it always practicable for everyone? Practically, happiness may mean different to different persons depending on several factors. Life is not the same for everyone. Nature has not distributed everything equally. Without getting in to the cause and logic of inequality, bitter fact is that hunger, poverty, sickness and above all the helplessness takes away all the joy, happiness and positivity. A person dying of hunger knows nothing other than food ... read more

Speaking, Writing and Criticism

We learn from books and other human beings. That is how the knowledge spreads. Everyone thinks and has ideas but majority does not write and share because general impression is that if you speak or write, some will appreciate, some will oppose and you may have to face disagreements, criticism, mindless and irrelevant remarks and even earn enemies, may be even plenty of them. If you keep quiet, listen and read only, you will have none of it. Since none wants opposition and criticism, second option is preferred ... read more

Hospitality and Guest Treatment

History tells us that in olden days people used to be very hospitable and used to care for the guest as much as they could. In tribal life hospitality used to be part of their culture. Arabian tribes were especially known to be very hospitable. In tribal areas of Pakistan, it is still a part of their unwritten traditions. The guests are offered the best possible food and comfort for as long they stay there. Certain tribes go to the extent that even if their enemy suddenly drops in, he is given full honor and respect of a guest ... read more

Bird Shooting for Pleasure

Birds and animals are also living beings and part of our life. All of them deserve and need our love and kind attention. We should not restrict our kindness to just our families, friends and pets. If you can sense the spirit behind this article and perceive what I am trying to say, don’t shoot the animals. If you are a hunter, please put down your gun because this is no entertainment ... read more

Practical Help and Suggestion

We very frequently come across situations where a friend, relative or a near one opens his heart to us and talks of his problems. That is when the person indirectly asks for help or workable suggestion but mostly we find it very convenient to listen, wish him good luck and walk away ... read more

Friendship and Mutual Respect Vs Prejudice

I visited Louisville KY in last week of August 2015 and met many people at private and public places. Some of them asked questions about Islam, Pakistani culture and customs etc. but without even a trace of prejudice, hatred or suspicion; that was just for information. My religion was not an issue for them and similarly their religion did not bother me. My eating habits were different to theirs but they took special care to avoid what my religion does not allow me to eat or drink ... read more

Praise and Criticism

It is not uncommon to come across things that we like very much or don’t like at all. It is not about just the material items; it is quite frequent about humans as well. At times we like someone and praise him for something while in some cases it can be totally opposite. When we like something about someone, we appreciate but usually it is quite brief. We just say well-done, great, good job and so on. Be generous in appreciation ... read more

Which is the best car?

There is absolutely no harm in wishing and trying for better. It is quite positive but to feel dissatisfied with what we have is negative. Dissatisfaction with what we have in hand and struggling for something better are two different things with a hairline difference between the two. One should definitely look for better. This is how the progress takes place but dissatisfaction is counter productive. Try and understand the difference ... read more

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