Reiki for health care training classes in Urdu and English, Reiki Master/Teacher Muhammad Akram Khan in Lahore, Pakistan

Why Should I learn Reiki?

Whether to learn Reiki or not is totally an individual and voluntary decision. However, having an ability to help yourself and others to improve health and quality of life is always a better option.

Learning Reiki enables a person to help him self and not only other human beings around but also the animals and plants that might need help. The emphasis of Reiki first degree is on self-treatment. The student is taught to start applying Reiki on himself right from day one. Being a Reiki healer could be a blessing because you can help not only yourself but also anyone in pain before getting professional help and of course after that as well.

Reiki is a wonderful gift of nature, which is available anytime and anywhere with lots of benefits and can help in every aspect of life. Reiki basically balances out the energy level and returns the body and mind to its natural healthy state. Not only that it can heal physical ailments, it can also reduce stress level, improve relationships, manifestation of goals and lots of other matters. Once you learn it, it works as an investment in your life. There are examples around the world where people have used Reiki to help themselves and others in multitude of issues.

Emotional ups and downs happen to all of us in our lives. Reiki does wonders for the people with mental and emotional problems as well. It eases the mind by dissipating any negative energy associated with grief, sorrow or emotional traumas. Reiki helps to relax the mind and see the things more clearly which ultimately helps in taking a positive approach in life.

Heal, organize and develop yourself with Reiki

Heal and organize yourself with Reiki