Reiki training and treatment with Reiki Master M Akram Khan, Lahore Pakistan

Reiki for Health Care

If you are new to Reiki, you might like to start with What is Reiki?, FAQs page and Articles section. Hopefully, you would find answers to most of your questions.

Learn Reiki, heal yourself, organize yourself and help yourself and your family in many ways

Can I learn Reiki?

Yes! You can definitely learn it, everyone can. It is easy; there is no special qualification or eligibility criteria for learning Reiki. Everyone, male or female, can learn and use it for healing at any age. Once you decide to learn, you can make an appointment ... read more

Is anything in Reiki against religion?

NO, there is nothing against the religion in Reiki. It has nothing to do with any religion except that Dr. Mikao Usui who rediscovered Reiki was a Japanese Buddhist; yet Reiki does not belong to Buddhism. Everyone can learn and practice without having to believe in anything particular... read more

How Reiki can help me?

It can help you in many ways. It is for everyone and its use is not limited to healing of just the physical diseases. It is a wonderful natural energy that works beyond our imagination and can help us in almost every field of life. You can use it for as many purposes and in as many ways as you can think of. Few of the areas where Reiki can help you are:

  • Improvement of personal health
  • Treatment of friends and family or anyone else
  • Improvement of self confidence and memory
  • Stress management
  • Sleep disorders
  • Getting rid of anxiety and depression
  • Anti-Aging
  • Improvement of relationships
  • Relaxation both physical and mental
  • Helping the sick whether living close by or far away
  • Better physical and mental growth of the children
  • Treatment of your animals and plants
  • Manifestation (achieving a goal)... and much more than this

Can Reiki help me in weight loss?

Yes, it can. In fact it can help in every physical condition but it needs to be remembered that losing weight is a slow process. You would need to use it for some time before you can notice significant results. Needless to say that other precautions including diet control should not be lost sight of... read more

Which diseases can be cured with Reiki?

Reiki is a universal energy, not restricted to something specific. When applied, it travels through out the body, through every cell and re-balances the energy. There is no different Reiki for different ailments as in physical medication. This is why it is said to heal all diseases and maintain good health. It works at all the four levels... read more

Will Reiki surely cure me?

Cure or no cure depends on many factors and is purely a grace. At times it may come quickly, at another time it may take long enough and yet at another time it may never come at all. No healing system offers guarantees and warrantees. Reiki has tremendous curative capability but at the same time it also follows the laws of nature... read more

Self Care with Reiki

Reiki is not physical medicines and does not work like one and its use is not restricted to treatment of physical body. Its regular use brings in emotional stability and mental well being and can make you more confident, rational, calm and relaxed. It helps in nearly all aspects of life and automatically takes care of many aspects without you even knowing those. All these advantages make it the ideal tool for self care while the condition of its regular use applies... read more

Reiki for Family

You can effectively use Reiki for well being of your family and treat anyone at home for any ailment. It is very useful for physical and mental development of children, especially those who are slow in learning. Regular treatment for few weeks can make them more confident, better in uptake and improve their general health and behavior. They can also be helped in leaving bad habits, if any. Parents can easily learn Reiki and help their children in better growth and development. It is also the other way around. One can help old parents for their better health and reduce many old-age issues. In few cases, whole families have learned it from me and are happily using it for their well being.

Reiki can be used anytime, anywhere